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Pasi Makkonen / CEO

Business Consultant

We understand the business requirements and can comprehensively help with the challenges of software development

Serhii Perehonchuk

Full Stack Developer

I prioritize consistency, client-focused service, business-oriented thinking, and strong adherence to principles.


A Wide Variety of Skills for an Array of Projects

Iam Software Engineer with 5 years of experience in full-stack development. Proficient in Node.js, TypeScript, React, Next.js, and various web technologies. Experienced in Agile methodologies, mentoring, and managing the software development lifecycle


I have expertise in TypeScript, React, Next.js, Redux, Vue, Vanilla JavaScript, and GraphQL, enabling me to build robust, scalable, and efficient web applications.


I have experience with Express, SQL (PostgreSQL), and MongoDB, allowing me to develop robust and efficient server-side applications and databases


My DevOps skills include Docker, GitLab CI/CD, and Swagger, which help me streamline development workflows, ensure continuous integration and delivery, and create comprehensive API documentation.


My testing skills encompass Playwright, Cypress, Jest, and Lighthouse, enabling me to ensure high-quality, performant, and reliable web applications.


Full Stack Developer

I am like a star full of energy!


A Wide Variety of Skills for an Array of Projects

I possess a broad range of skills that encompasses C#, ASP.NET, and SQL, which have been invaluable in developing efficient and high-performing web applications that deliver on functionality. Furthermore, I possess a solid understanding of HTML, JS, and CSS, which, coupled with my background in graphic design, allows me to create visually captivating web pages. While my expertise in back-end development is more advanced, my front-end skills are also sound, and I’m confident that I can create outstanding user experiences. Overall, my programming skills enable me to develop innovative solutions that tackle real-world challenges effectively.


I have experience developing web applications using the ASP.NET framework. I am skilled in creating dynamic web pages, building complex forms, and handling user input through MVC architecture and Web API.


With C#, I have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming concepts. Additionally, I have experience working with APIs and integrating external services into web applications, making them more feature-rich and user-friendly.


By leveraging TypeScript’s full potential, I can build cutting-edge and customized solutions that deliver unmatched user experiences and help you achieve your business goals.


I have experience designing and working with relational databases, creating tables, defining relationships, and managing data. I have worked with SQL Server Management Studio and other database management tools to design and manage databases.

ILKKA Nurlund

Full Stack Developer

I am the team’s playmaker


A Wide Variety of Skills for an Array of Projects

I have experience working with a wide range of web development frameworks, including popular ones like React, Angular, and Vue.js. I am familiar with front-end and back-end development, and can provide guidance on creating efficient and secure web applications. Furthermore, I am well-versed in web development best practices, such as version control, testing, and deployment, and can help ensure that your applications are robust and reliable.

And more…
Cloud applications backend and frontend programming. Distributed SIP Telephony system programming. Database backend programming for SQL-/noSQL-based distributed applications. Deployment automation programming in cloud based distributed environments.


Strong proficiency in server-side scripting languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, or Java, enabling me to build dynamic and interactive web applications with complex business logic.


REACT is more than just a passion for me – it’s part of my DNA, and I live and breathe its capabilities and framework. With my expertise in REACT, I can develop dynamic, interactive, and scalable web applications that cater to your specific business requirements.


With my deep expertise in JavaScript, I can create dynamic, interactive, and performant web applications that are tailored to your specific business needs. By leveraging JavaScript’s full potential, I can build cutting-edge and customized solutions that deliver unmatched user experiences and help you achieve your business goals.


My expertise in SQL allows me to design and develop robust and secure database architectures that support your business goals and ensure data integrity.

WEB applications

Familiarity with cloud services such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, allowing me to build scalable and resilient web applications that can handle large volumes of traffic.

Joris Demange



I’m creative, with a knack for designing intuitive user interfaces and crafting engaging user experiences across web applications


A Wide Variety of Skills for an Array of Projects

With over 10 years of experience in product design and UI engineering, I create digital experiences on mobile and web platforms that align user needs with business goals. My expertise spans from early-stage user research and UX/UI design to frontend development and iterations. I excel in using tools like Figma and Adobe Creative Suite to craft intuitive interfaces and interactive prototypes
My proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript allows me to bridge the gap between design and development, ensuring seamless implementation of design concepts. Whether working on existing products or building new ones, I deliver user-centric solutions that drive engagement and business growth.


I specialize in end-to-end product design, taking concepts from ideation to launch. My approach combines user research, strategic thinking, and creative problem-solving. Whether it’s refining an existing product or building something new from the ground up, I deliver comprehensive solutions that cover every aspect of the user experience.


Using industry-leading tools like Figma, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, I bring ideas to life with high-fidelity, interactive prototypes. These prototypes serve as powerful communication tools, allowing stakeholders to experience the product vision firsthand and enabling quick iterations based on user feedback.


I excel at creating scalable, robust design systems that form the backbone of cohesive product experiences. I have experience building from scratch and maintaining libraries of components in Figma, as well as developing and maintaining them in Vue.js using HTML, CSS and Javascript. By developing and implementing these systems, I ensure brand consistency, streamline the design process, and empower teams to work more efficiently.


My background in frontend development sets me apart as a designer who can bridge the gap between design and implementation. Highly proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, experienced with Vue.js, Webflow and other CMS and frontend JS frameworks, I create designs that are not only visually stunning but also feasible and efficient to implement.


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